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By Keshav Howe

People trip the area looking for a transcendental non secular adventure. They common non secular websites, attend workshops, and shape groups to go looking for how of being at peace with existence. step one to a satisfying religious adventure is now more uncomplicated than ever prior to. All someone has to do is choose up the recent religious consultant, An Unfiltered Life. this article serves as a doorway to an international of tranquility and figuring out by means of releasing us from identity with restrictive rules approximately lifestyles. Keshav Howe lightly courses readers to note what stands within the method of this portal to lasting peace and harmony.

In An Unfiltered Life Keshav integrates Non-duality, Zen Meditation, Classical Shamanism, and Hindu Mysticism for a holistic meditative event. Keshav is going again millions of years to the lessons of religious masters worldwide. it really is this strange mixture of sacred practices that makes An Unfiltered Life a special learn.

Like Non-duality lecturers Jean Klein, Francis Lucille, and Robert Wolf; Shamans Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman; and Zen instructor Jane Dobisz, Keshav Howe emerges as an influential religious chief. these encouraged by means of An Unfiltered Life may want to take your next step of their trip of self-realization and take part at the dialogue at

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