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By David K. Crabtree

First in a sequence of books combining fable, secret, and event. Brian Holmes reveals out he's greater than a normal wizard dwelling in brand new San Francisco. he's a member of the twelve grasp Wizards households that carry one of many Wands Of Merlin. the tale strikes quick as he will get an schooling from his lately deceased Aunt, at the same time attends universities, after which is on the market his first activity. in addition to having to fill the sneakers of a far older and respected individual within the top degrees of the area Witches and Wizards Council who died lower than suspicious conditions, Brian's first significant task holds the main to unification of the witch and wizarding groups around the world. dealing with him even though is a small yet strong point that does not just like the contract and won't allow whatever deter them from preventing Brian from finishing his job. now not even an 8 hundred foot cruise ship.

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